Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Northwest Summer, so far

As we've traveled 'home' this summer, I've been reminded anew just what a beautiful and wonderful place the Northwest is. The weather is near perfect: cool mornings, warm days--okay, hot, but everyone has air!--cool evenings, occasional rain or blustery thunderstorms, the scenery, stunning, and there are abundant opportunities for recreation, if only hiking through breathtakingly beautiful meadows, foothills, etc. We count ourselves blessed to enjoy the refreshment of God's awesome creation this summer and if you've never been to the northwest United States, you must visit sometime!

Dear friends, Tim and Jan, always get us out on the water. Both sons have learned to ski behind their boats and we've all enjoyed lots of water fun during our Idaho summers because of their generous hospitality. Dear husband still has the moves though he agreed to no hotdogging this summer after it yielded broken or at least very bruised ribs two summers ago.

Most of us learned to surf this summer. I enjoyed this; a gentler way to enjoy the water than skiing. Less impact on falls, as well!

My favorite water sport: a wild and crazy tube ride!

Visiting friends in the Olympic peninisula, we enjoyed an afternoon of gorgeous scenery at Hurricane Ridge, Olympia State Park, Washington. They must have had a great winter as there was still a fair amount of snow and the wildflowers were profuse and beautiful, especially the lupine.

The wildlife was not very wild so we enjoyed some close-up viewing and Artist son was able to add some sketches to his newly begun nature journal.

And back to Idaho:

Last weekend Dear Husband and Artist Son enjoyed their first backpacking adventure together, hiking 11 miles up to Baron Lake near Stanley, Idaho. Elevation 8,200 feet.

The backpackers at their campsite in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

Let all creation declare the majesty of its Creator!