Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Unfortunately, Fortunately~Surgery Update

The short version: Tayta's case did not make the July 5th surgery date as there is a more urgent pediatric cardiac case that needs the operating room. We can now make travel and housing plans for a confirmed August 15 surgery.

The God-is-working-out-his-plan-through-the-prayers-of-the-saints version:  First of all, thank you to those of you who have been praying for Tayta's upcoming surgery and specifically for the surgery date. We have been so encouraged by your messages and calls to let us know you are praying.

When I opened my email on Thursday I saw the tell-tale first word of the email from Dr. Siebert's administrative assistant: "Unfortunately"...  and I could guess the rest. My heart did not sink as I had expected it to with such news and I knew instantly that this was "peace that surpasses all understanding."  I finished reading the email and then got out the summer calendar to take another look at how I might possibly be able to join Dear Husband and Artist Son in Massachusetts. (Dear Husband's comment: "Don't underestimate the power of a mother!" Or maybe that was my comment and he just agreed?)

I wrote back to Dr. Siebert's assistant and she confirmed that Tayta's post-op could take place one week after surgery, at which point she would be free to travel home if all is in order, though a second post-op would be preferable if we are able. So, after Tayta's first post-op we hope to make the three-hour drive to Chicago where Tayta will stay with Oldest Daughter, who will have recently moved into her new Evanston apartment, and I will fly from Chicago to Boston, arriving just in time for Artist Son's college orientation. I'll return to Chicago, drive with Tatya back to Madison for the second post-op, and then we'll fly back to Boise. Whew! Tatya is thrilled at the prospect of spending three days with Oldest Daughter in her new home and is hoping to see another good friend besides. I'm pretty happy to think I'll get to see Oldest Daughter, too!

I waited until today to update everyone with this final decision because after I came up with this new configuration of travel plans, Dr. Siebert's assistant wrote back to say that the cardiac surgery might not happen if the patient wasn't ready, and we could remain on standby for the 7/5 date until today. I am glad this patient is strong enough to go ahead with his surgery and now we can start booking tickets and making housing arrangements for the August 15th date.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. God is good!