Saturday, January 06, 2007


Beautiful World

I've been enjoying the music of the promising, young, Jordanian composer, Zade Dirani thanks to my oldest daughter's thoughtful choice of a Christmas present. Think John Tesh with an eastern flavor. The title track, "Beautiful World" is my favorite so far. You can read more about Zade here and you can hear a little of Zade's music via an Ikbis video at Jordanian blogger, Khobbeizeh's site.


kinzi said...

HEY!!! GREAT BLOG! As usual, inspiring me and challenging me to to greater heights and depths as a Christian, and as a wife and mother.

Not sure I qualify as a 'worthy blog', but may your influence help it be!

Circle of Quiet said...

What great music, my friend. I look forward to getting this CD.

Glad you're blogging again,