Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Soundtrack for the next year: Sibelius violin concerto

Maxim Vengerov - Sibelius - Allegro Moderato part I

Oldest daughter has chosen the concerto she will prepare for music school auditions next year; she had thought she would play the Tchaikovsky but decided that the Sibelius is the one she loves. And since she will be practicing this for hundreds of hours over the course of the next year, it is nice that she can choose the one she loves. As for me, I love them both and the Mendelssohn would have been a delight to listen to all year long as well. Anything but Paganini!

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Shannon Roehr said...

Hi desert mom. I am actually responding to your post at Challies.com
I am one of the coordinators for Resolved conference, and I wanted to let you know that there will be free mp3 downloads of the sermon at resolved.org
They aren't posted yet, but keep a lookout!