Thursday, March 15, 2007

We interrupt spring...

To bring you this weird weather update:

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Kathleen Hamilton said...

Wow! Is that really unusual? And due to "global warming," perhaps ;-).

desert mom said...

Yes, it's pretty unusual however we did receive snow in March about eight years ago. Looks like it will be another snow day tomorrow as we've received a couple more inches of snow. I think: snow, beauty, stillness, watching it out the window while drinking tea and reading. However, my younger three think: snow, activity, time to play, let's open the door every 15 minutes to see how the snow's doing!

Sir David M. said...


You don't know me, but I came here through Mrs. Hamilton's blog. I am one of the Rhetorical Invention students, and after a brief perusal of your site, I think I know who you are.

I'm interested in weather in general, and Middle Eastern weather in particular, since I'm at present writing a story that takes place not especially far (globally speaking) from your location. I assume snow is not a frequent occurence? Or, if it is, what times of the year does it usually happen?

~David M.

Karen Little said...

Delightful to hear of the snow! I can imagine what it would have been like had our four been there! May your warmth remain constant as the door pops open!

desert mom said...


Welcome. And I'm pretty sure I know who you are too. Snow is unusual but just enough within the realm of possibility that my children hope for it each winter. We've lived in Jordan for 18 years and have had some sort of snow that stays on the ground maybe 6 of those years. Not sure about that, though. And, of course, how much snow is received is usually dependent on elevation. We live at about 1000 ft but the Dead Sea is only about 30 miles away and I don't think it ever gets snow.

This was our first snowfall (and, most likely our last) of the year but usually snow comes in January or February. On Feburary 22, 1994 we received three feet of snow in one night. Highly unusual and the city was shut down for days. With no snow removal equipment they were transporting people to hospitals in military tanks. The city has since obtained snow removal equipment.

Your book sounds interesting. Since we live between "Iraq and a hard place" (pun intended) I think I've narrowed your locale down to two places. Just a guess. Let me know if I can help with any other information.

desert mom said...

Correction: the snowstorm was in 1992. Incredible winter with several major snowstorms.

Sir David M. said...

Ah, interesting. My story takes place predominately north of the Dead Sea, so I assume the weather would not be drastically different from the weather in Jordan.

Since we're on the subject, I am curious: what is the weather like in the summer? Or perhaps it would be more expedient if I asked what the usual weather patterns are like. My story will cover all times of the year, so it would be useful to know what each season is generally like, if it wouldn't be too much trouble to explain.

And this is a rather random sounding question, but I have been unable to find the answer, and it is rather important. Which direction do storms usually come from?


desert mom said...


I'll have to get back to you later in the week. Our internet is down and may not be up for a few days.