Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Baseball~A Family Affair

It's hard to believe that we are nearly half-way through our short spring baseball season. Active Son pointed out that I am only blogging about flowers and, well, other important things take place during spring--like baseball! Not that I could forget, as the beginning of this year's baseball season was truly an all consuming family affair.

Dear Husband, whose name should be changed to Coach Husband, though that doesn't sound quite right, was reluctant to give up his beloved coaching to take on the mantle of Baseball Commissioner. But, help was needed and he was the man for the job, so step up he did. And he needn't have worried about giving up coaching as the league was short a coach in the Senior division, thus, he is coaching Active Son's team as well as Commish-ing. He loves it--except for all the administrative details, so I am helping with some of those.

Active Son is pitching in the Senior division, Younger Son is pitching in the Kid Pitch division and "Tayta" donned a baseball uniform for the first time and is participating in the Coach Pitch division. I was skeptical as Tata is not known for her physical prowess, but dad taught her how to swing a bat and she is actually hitting the ball and getting on base!

We had two early season injuries. Dear Husband's was actually a pre-season injury--a baseball to the right cheek during practice. He was, in his own words, trying to "multi-task" during a drill and balls started flying a little too quickly. He had a nice shiner on opening day;he looked kind of tough but I'm not sure it instilled confidence in the hearts of the mother's bringing their little T-ball players to the field for the first time. Active Son's foot/ankle was the second injury, as he landed the wrong way on first base heading back after a lead off. Thankfully, nothing was broken or sprained so he was only out for one game.

And, If you are interesting in more player photos and a few words from the Commish, check out the Amman Little League Baseball Blog.


Kathleen Hamilton said...

Nice pictures! But the one of your husband with the shiner was sadly missing. Did you forget? :-)

desert mom said...

Thanks, Kathleen. I'm having fun learning how to take sports shots. Usually I get too caught up in the game to catch the really good plays on camera. I did take a picture of my husband but in the end decided against posting it. It was kind of close up and it wasn't pretty. :)