Monday, May 21, 2007


to the Whitman Academy class of 2007! This evening, in a beautiful Jordanian desert setting which overlooks the Dead Sea, Whitman Academy graduated 13 graduates, it's largest class ever. Though I had no family involved in the ceremony (except Oldest Daughter who arranged a string trio to play at the graduation) it seemed very much a family affair as we have known many of the graduates and many of the families in attendence since our earliest days in Jordan.

The venue, a newly developed panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Dead Sea was perfect:

The breeze, cool,

the sunset beautiful as always,

and the sky clear enough that we could make out the skyline of downtown Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives on the other side of the sea.

May God bless you, Whitman Academy Class of 2007, as you step forward into the next chapter of your lives.

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Seasonal Soundings said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful!