Friday, June 22, 2007

The Iris Trio

On May 30th, the Iris Trio performed their first concert, delighting their audience with Mozart's Trio VII, Schumann's Fairy Tales, and Piazzolla's Oblivion Milonga. Oldest Daughter and her fellow Iris Trio musicians formed their chamber group in the fall and worked throughout the school year on the pieces they played in their concert.

An explanation of their name: the Black Iris (Iris nigricans) is the national flower of Jordan and its flower parts are in threes. A dear friend designed the trio's logo.

The clip below is Astor Piazzolla's Oblivion Milonga

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A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

Waving "Hello!" -From ClassEd (Kerry). Loved the Iris Trio - really lovely girls and wonderful music. Congratulations to you and them!

I'm going to link to your blog on my own. Come by and visit!