Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Baseball??

No. More. The season, fun and joyous as it was, ended the first Friday in June. But then what, you ask, are those sports-loving guys going to do on a Friday morning? Well, I had some ideas that had to do with getting things done around the house, reading books, a little gardening maybe. Not. Really, I do not begrudge them their SOFTBALL league. It is for charity, after all, and they are having lots of fun. And I am still able to read some books and do a little gardening while they are off at the field--though I will probably go to watch this week's big game against the undefeated team.

Even though this is a co-ed adult league, I'm not playing. Unless our team, the Eagles, is really desperate. As in, one of the two mandatory women players can't make it--which did actually happen for the first game of the season. "Hi Dear, would you mind coming out to the field and playing second base for us so we don't have to forfeit." I actually managed two easy outs at second, though I was criticized for how I held the ball next to my body (I didn't want to drop it!), hit the ball once, and had the dubious honor of striking out, making the last out of the game. Someone had to do it.

Mude Sartawi, organizer of the league, is keeping an entertaining blog if you care to check it out:

Amman Softball League Blog

Scroll down to the July 2nd entry for a shot of my baby Bond and the Eagles team shot.

Go Eagles!

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