Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fall Lily

~Urginea maritima~
"Sea Squill"

Having received no precipitation since around April, the arid landscape of soil, rocks and dehydrated flora now presents itself in variegated shades of tan. The fall-blooming white Squill, whose thick, waxy green foliage has long ago dried up, is barely discernible against this neutral backdrop but I was on the look out for it since I had observed it blooming in a particular vacant lot last fall. I hadn't planned to take a night shot but since the vacant lot is in a busy neighborhood, I decided that 'iftar (the time of fast-breaking during Ramadan) would be an opportune time to take my pictures--no one would be outside to notice a goofy foreign woman traipsing around a vacant lot taking pictures of weeds.


Kathleen Hamilton said...

That's quite an interesting-looking plant. Not only that, but the fact that it blooms with no rain over six months is evidence to me of God's desire for us to see beauty wherever we are.

desert mom said...

So true, Kathleen. I had to look a little harder to see God's beauty in the desert, but my eye is becoming more attuned to it.