Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Rain

Though it's not the first day of fall it finally feels like fall; after six plus months of clear blue skies and nary a drop of precipitation, last night the lightening bolted, the thunder clapped, and the rain poured forth. The children (even the teenagers!) went running through the house with smiles on their faces, opening windows and shutters so as to enjoy the full effect of the cool, blustery weather. Tayta (youngest daughter) remarked that she was enjoying the smell of...wet dust. Well, we do have a lot of dust accumulated here, and it is wet.

So now begins the days of sweaters, soups and homemade bread, getting back into the garden to work, and olive harvest. They are welcome days.

October Mottoes (from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady):

'A Good October and a good blast, to blow the hog, acorn and mast.'

'In October dung your field , and your land it's wealth shall yield.'

~October clouds enjoyed just before sunset~


Kathleen Hamilton said...

Sounds wonderful--and cozy! I can't tell you how much rain we've already had ;-). But it's a bunch--fortunately, I like it.

Teri said...

Beautiful picture.