Sunday, November 04, 2007

College Chase

As I type, all three of our computers and their operators are engaged in some aspect of the college application process for Oldest daughter.

Dear Husband is yawning over his laptop, orienting himself to the College Board's Profile financial aid form. He is in charge of all things financial and has already spent many hours looking at FAFSA sites, talking with our very knowledgeable and helpful accountant (Bless you, Mr. M!), reading financial aid pamphlets and books, and contemplating various creative college financing schemes.

Travel Logistics Consultant is another hat that Dear Husband is wearing; armed with a list of possible audition dates and a US map, he is trying to construct a workable travel plan for Oldest Daughter and me to make as many auditions as possible during a three-week period next February. This feat is probably even more complicated than trying to figure out our financial aid qualifications with all our weird oversea financial exceptions. One plan had us in the States for five weeks. Not good. I had unpleasant visions of my younger three children, home alone, watching dvds and playing indoor soccer instead of studying. Not to mention meal prep, etc. So, we pulled the audition slot-machine handle a few more times and came up with a shorter trip, though we will have to eliminate at least one conservatory from the circuit.

Oldest Daughter is at her laptop simultaneously writing and submitting her Ethics mid-term assignment and polishing up her resume and "personal statement" so that she can submit her first online college application tonight--after I go over the 18 page application which she has filled out, that is. Transcripts (my job) and letters of recommendation to follow by snail mail in the next week or two. Did I mention that she also needs to submit preferred audition dates and teachers whom she would like to study with?

Several windows are open on the family desktop on which I am working so that I can check dates, admissions requirements (no two schools alike), and other essential information, relaying it to Oldest Daughter and Dear Husband as they fill out their forms. This week I must finish constructing Oldest Daughter's transcript, complete with detailed class descriptions for those conservatories which are suspicious that homeschooled musicians may have only made music during their high school years and not really studied.

It's getting late and the stress is building. Time to put it aside with plans to start fresh in the morning. I remind Oldest Daughter that Big Unfinished Tasks always seem more overwhelming late at night. Dear Husband wisely suggests we end our evening in prayer. When our hearts are tempted to give in to anxiousness it is so good to confess our weakness, admit our dependence on our gracious Heavenly Father, and receive his perfect peace and strength. And, as I say goodnight to the younger children I remind them: "Blessed are the history and science majors for their college admissions process will be exceedingly easier than that of a violin performance major."


Wendy said...

My prayers are with you all. This is probably the only day I have been released from guilt that I didn't do music for my kids!

Then I hear Oldest Daughter play, and I go back to regret!!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Bless you all! We are praying for your whole college process.

This sounds way more daunting than the process we went through with Robert!