Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Tomorrow morning we leave for the States where we will spend the next couple of months plus connecting with family and friends, 'taking care of business', and taking Oldest Daughter to college. I thought I had preparations pretty well in hand but I was thrown a bit off balance by family illness: Active Son has a tiring cold virus and Tayta was sick to her stomach four times throughout the night. She seems to have stabilized but I put her to bed tonight with a "jiggly" stomach and a fever. As for me, I thought I was handling things pretty well and wasn't feeling too stressed, but apparently, not: this morning I began breaking out in hives. First my face and then my torso. Most annoying, but at least I have been able to carry on.

A special thanks to Dr. Angie who gave Oldest Daughter her two necessary vaccinations this morning, prescribed something for me and gave me advice regarding Tayta.

We'll arrive in Arizona tomorrow night, and then move on to Idaho on the 17th, so probably no blogging until I resurface in Boise.

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