Saturday, September 27, 2008

30 Seconds of Rain

Yesterday Amman received its first rainfall since March. And it lasted approximately 3o seconds. Not really enough to wash away the months of accumulated dust but it was enough to bring expectant children running outside and to give the air a fresh, autumn scent. Thirty seconds of rain in September in Amman is something to be thankful for as any precipitation this early in the fall is unusual.

Today we had a real rainfall, this time lasting about 30 minutes. The olive harvest traditionally commences after the first rain of the season but Dear Husband wonders if it will this year as it is still early and the olives don't appear ready.

As usual, the welcome cool weather of fall, even if only temporary before the heat returns for one last appearance, brings on a fit of culinary activity: Yesterday it was apricot-ginger scones (polished off in half an hour), four loaves of bread, and gallons of salsa. Today it was potato soup and tomorrow it will be fig preserves and an apple cobbler. My husband and the teen-age boys are happy for the cool-weather inspiration I have received!


Jenny said...

Mmmmmm, sounds delicious!

macmahon7 said...

Well, I applaud your baking vigor--I bet the smells in your kitchen are wonderful. I want to try the scone recipe. We've had healthy peach-strawberry muffins (whole wheat flour & flaxseed--yum), but they are being eaten.