Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blogging to Stay Awake

Just one more hour and I will allow myself to go to sleep: we returned home from the US this morning and are making ourselves stay up in an attempt to deal with the inevitable jet lag. We flew out of Salt Lake City about 26 hours ago and enjoyed one of our best ever international flights, a non-stop on Delta from NYC to Amman. The only blight on the flight was unruly children. Two in particular, seated across the aisle from us, were little terrors who would not stay in their seat and their mother 'couldn't' make them. Or so she told the incredulous flight attendant.

In the last week we traveled to Ohio to take Oldest daughter to college, back to Boise to do last-minute shopping, pack eleven suitcases to as close to 50 pounds as we could get them plus 10 substantial carry-ons, said good-byes to dear family and friends, drove to Salt Lake City to catch our flight to NYC, and returned to home-sweet-home, Jordan. We all agree that it is good to be home.

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