Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costumes on the Fly

Just 36 hours prior to the Fall Festival costume party, my dear children decided they would like to attend. You can probably guess the question which followed this decision: "Mom, what can I go as?" I'd given away some of the items in our costume bag and what was left was mostly too small to be of use to any of them. With no possibility of a quick trip to JoAnn's for supplies and not a lot of creative-costume-planning-energy flowing through my brain I simply shrugged my shoulders. Last minute costume panic is not my idea of a good time.

Thankfully, the kids came through, each one coming up with a costume which, I thought, fit their personalities/dispositions and which was easy to put together. This actually turned out to be no-stress fun for all of us. Imagine!

Artist Son, who is presently re-reading Lord of the Rings, decided to go as a Hobbit. The white shirt came from the costume bag, the vest and pants from Mom's closet, and the hooded cape was improvised from a brown fleece blanket I was able to find at the store. Notice the authentic furry Hobbit feet--cut from an old faux fur cap.

Tayta was Jane Austen, or your favorite Jane Austen character. She couldn't decide. We only had to buy some bobby pins and ribbon. Her dress was improvised from Mom's skirt and a thankfully-she-had-one-white blouse. Fresh cut from the garden lavender filled in her basket. She reported that only one of the kids her age had heard of Jane Austen but they had heard of Pride and Prejudice. She filled them in.

I'm sure you can guess who Active Son is impersonating. Only thing I had to by for this costume was a blue swim cap--$4. What a deal.


Lori said...

Great job! Big Boy there cracks me up!! This will be the first year on our end that we are not dressing up for the 31st. Our extensive collection of dress up odds and ends won't get tossed, though. I have visions of grandkids some day making huge messes in there quest to transform themselves into ballerinas and pirates, etc.

Lori said...

(Dang, I hate it when I miss-spell a word, like "their". Sorry)

Maidousha said...

Man.. i love all 3 of them :D :D :D CREATIVE.. the "oldest son" one is soo coool!!! and taytas clothes makes her!!! :) the "middle son" is AWESOME! all creative.. all perfect! GREAT JOB!!!!! :D

Teri said...

These are FANTASTIC!