Friday, November 07, 2008

Pray for the Children of Sudan

A few weeks ago my dear Palestinian sister let me know of a need she heard of via her Sudanese sister, for clothes for the children of war-torn Sudan. Lacking adequate food, nutrition, and education, many of these dear children are now orphans, having lost their parents and other family members to the war.

I passed this plea on to our youth group and three young high school women stepped up to organize a clothes drive for these needy children. With the help of others, they gathered about ten large bags of clothes and the money needed for shipping them to Sudan.

Last night we had the joy of presenting the clothes and money to our Sudanese brother. We enjoyed warm fellowship, with Dear Husband's translation help, as our Sudanese brother thanked the youth, exhorted and encouraged them, and prayed for God's blessing on them as they continue to serve Him.

Our brother encouraged us to pray for the children of Sudan, trying to imagine ourselves in their places as we pray for them--a humbling challenge for all of us.

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MagistraCarminum said...

Praying and moved to tears at my computer. Thank you for this reminder to pray for Sudan, and especially the children!
Chris in NM