Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awladuna Akbaduna

As Oldest Daughter prepares to return to college this week, I am feeling the weight of this Arabic proverb:

اولادنا اکبدنا ماشیین علی الارض

Awladuna akbaduna mashyeen 'ala al'ard.

Our children are our hearts walking around outside of us.

(literally: Our children are our livers walking on the earth.)

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Jorj said...

I've been looking for the rest of this poem - do you have it, or can you point me to it?
I first heard it in Egypt, and that was when I decided I liked Egyptians :)
There was another line, something about 'when the wind blows on them we are chilled,' but I can't remember it. Thanks.