Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jordan Rocks

That's the name I thought of for Artist Son's latest artistic and commercial venture. He's not so sure, though. The double meaning is a little cheesy in his opinion. Jo-Rocks doesn't work for him either, so for the time being his venture will remain nameless.

Desert Monitor

Sinai Agama

Artist Son has long been combining his love of nature, wildlife, and art, and I think his latest project, painting indigenous Jordanian lizards on Jordanian rocks, is the perfect combination of these loves. In the past months he has sold a couple of his painted rocks to individuals and given a few more as gifts, and now they are available for sale in the local market.

Turkish Gecko

From the Earth, and industry business which exports products from the Middle East to the United States and Europe, also maintains a growing presence in the Jordanian market and will be carrying Artist Son's lizard rocks at their showroom.

Lebanon Lizard

Northern Fan-Footed Gecko

Artist Son is also experimenting painting Jordanian insects and scorpions on rocks. Stay tuned...


Miss. Alliteration said...

Very cool! Jordan Rocks- the name works,I think.

MagistraCarminum said...

These are amazing... and I think the name works, too!

Miss. Alliteration said...

That Was my mom.

I love them.

desert mom said...

Thanks, Lori, Chris, and Grace. I passed on your compliments to the artist. He sold four of his rocks tonight and the Grand Opening. And, thanks to your comments I think he is warming to the name Jordan Rocks :)

Dominion Family said...

These are truly beautiful. They would be lovely in a garden.