Sunday, December 06, 2009

Taking a Break

It's been a full semester so far: two high school science classes, a junior high writing class, a high school Great Books class, and college applications and essays for Active Son; we were ready for a break. So, the day after hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for many friends we packed up the car and headed south to rest on the beach for a couple days.

It was still warm enough to do a little snorkeling
(at least for the guys)

Artist Son skipping rocks in the Red Sea



Kerry said...

I love the picture! I hope you are still enjoying your break...or that the relaxation is lingering. :)

Quotidian Life said...

Thanks, Kerry. The break is over and the relaxation lingered a bit but we pretty much had to get back to work, and at full force, to complete school work, college stuff, etc. before Christmas.

aurora said...

Oh, these photos are lovely. We miss you guys, hopefully at some point we will get a holiday all together! Lots of love, Aurora and Josh.

Quotidian Life said...

Aurora, I don't know if my mom told you that we plan to be in Boise next Christmas. Any chance you'll be staying in town? We look forward to seeing you this summer--we'll be back for six months. Much love to you and Josh.