Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Life Well Lived~In Loving Memory of Fawn Winsted

I first met Fawn Winsted in Beruit, Lebanon. Our family was attending a conference and Fawn and her husband, Brad, along with two of their eight children had come to do a program for the children. As young parents, Dear Husband and I were in awe of this family who lovingly cared for our children and had them enthusiastically reciting a multitude of Bible verses after just a few days, so when we heard that Fawn and Brad would host an informal session to talk about marriage and family issues, we eagerly planned to attend.

Brad and Fawn shared many words of wisdom that afternoon; what I remember most was Fawn candidly telling us of how she, as a mother of many young children, had struggled with embracing her role as a mother and with respecting her husband. We were amazed! How could this be true? She continued by telling us how God graciously showed her the destruction she was causing to her family and how she turned to him for the strength to be the wife and mother that he was calling her to be.

The wisdom shared that afternoon many years ago was not the last we were to receive from Fawn and Brad as our paths crossed again and again, directly and indirectly. We met next in Jordan, where we've had the joy of knowing, fellowshipping, and serving with three of the Winsted children, now grown up. Four more have visited and we've also been blessed by knowing four of her precious grandchildren.

Fawn's children are a testimony of a life well lived, submitted to God with a purpose of glorifying him. All eight of her children walk closely with God, living their lives to love and serve Him as they love and serve those around them. A pioneer home educator, Fawn educated her children as well as developed a children's Sunday School curriculum, and trained others to reach children for Christ. All of Fawn's children have joined her and her husband, Brad, at various times, in teaching and ministering to children all over the world.

As her own children began to spread out around the globe I know that she believed the truth which she once shared with me via a quote by the mother of writer and missionary Patricia St. John:

""Only yielded up in the place of sacrifice are our children perfectly safe." (Psalm 84:3)

Not only her biological children, but her spiritual children as well, rise up and call her blessed. And as the psalmist, Moses, exhorted, so did Fawn Winsted live her life well, numbering her days so that she gained a heart of wisdom (Psalm 90:10).

Many hugs and prayers to the dear Winsted family as they mourn the loss of their beautiful wife and mother.


kinzi said...

Beautiful, fitting, and a true exhortation to follow her model as wife and mother. Thank you Melissa!

Jodi said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. You wrote a beautiful testimony of her life. I also appreciated the previous post. It was so interesting and I could relate to some of it. Thanks for the tip about the melatonin. We're having a hard time readjusting; I wonder how long it takes?