Thursday, August 12, 2010

Idaho Rocks

Last year, Artist Son began selling his unique artwork: Jordan fauna painted on rocks. This turned out to be a versatile niche so now that he has temporarily re-located to Idaho he has discovered that, when in Idaho, paint Idaho fauna on Idaho river rocks. He began with lizards, frogs, and dragonflies, and per the suggestion of a customer has added what has turned out to be his best selling rocks: butterflies.

Artist Son was accepted as a "Budding Artist" at the Boise Market, a local farmers and artisans' market held in downtown Boise every Saturday from 9:30am-1:30pm. If you are in Boise, Artist Son will be selling at market this Saturday for the last time this summer. After Saturday his rocks will be available by special order--he's already taken a couple Christmas orders!


FONTY said...
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Juanita said...

Hi Melissa,

Those rocks are amazing - he is a very talented artist. How big are the rocks - I'm wondering if they could be used as decorations in the garden?


Quotidian Life said...

Thanks Juanita, I'll pass your compliments along. The butterfly rocks are about 6 inches long. I told A. that we need to garden test them. He uses acrylic paint and sprays them with a sealant but I don't know how much weather/sprinker impact, etc. they would withstand. So far, I've kept my rocks inside but since we've been in the States A. has been asked a few times if they will withstand weather.

Shandra said...

Wow, so beautiful. I'll have to put in an order to pick up when we see you. So fun that he was able to sell at the farmers market.