Friday, March 16, 2012

Preparing for Easter: The Gospel of Mark

In the weeks that led up to Easter last year, our family read and discussed the Gospel of Mark in our family devotions. Along with that I read Tim Keller's newly released (at that time) Kings's Cross, the Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, which was inspired by Keller's sermon series from the Gospel of Mark. My heart was so filled with encouragement and joy from reading the Gospel of Mark, along with King's Cross, that I decided to read them again this Easter season.

Mathematician, philosopher, and Christian apologist, Blaise Pascal wrote that Christians should “make good men wish that Christianity is true, and then show them that it is.” Tim Keller does this he writes about the actions and words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. Keller says of his book:

"It is an extended meditation on the historical Christian premise that Jesus's life, death, and resurrection form the central even of cosmic and human history as well as the central organizing principle of our lives. Said another way, the whole story of the word--and how we fit into it--is most clearly understood through a careful, direct look at the story of Jesus. My purpose here is to try to show, through his words and actions, how beautifully his life makes sense of ours." (p. x)"

A gifted apologist, Keller's writing encourages the heart of one who has already believed, prompting her to rejoice again and again in the GOOD news of Jesus Christ, who came to this earth to reveal the Father's love and accomplish all that was necessary that we might join him in enjoying the fellowship of the Father and the Holy Spirit. I don't read many books more than once (though I wish I did). Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this when I read it last fall. I also read Dr. Keller's marriage book a couple of weeks ago and highly recommend it. For singles, too.

Then again, I did attend Redeemer for 14 years, so it's probably pretty clear where I stand.

Laura (who is going to try signing in but will probably have to post as anonymous because of Blogger word recognition problems)

Woman of the House said...

Love that Pascal quote!