Monday, April 09, 2012

Spring Color

Just when I thought there could be nothing lovelier than the first narcissus of spring...

...the ranunculus appear and steal the show.

Both Artist Son and Tayta proclaimed that I should "plant more!" next year, prompting a search which led here, to Eden Blooms. Their prices are great, and ranunculus rhizomes are so small and light, I'll be able to pack some in my suitcase when we return to Jordan at the end of the summer.

Edit: another good site with many helpful tips for growing ranunculus


A Circle of Quiet said...

Ranunculus are truly my favorite flowers. And they "age" so beautifully, unlike tulips that just dump their petals so quickly.

My friend Susan travels somewhere in So. Cal. to photograph fields of ranunculus. Someday I will go there, Lord willin'. Here are her pics from her Easter blog post:

Quotidian Life said...

Thanks for sharing those photos, Diane. I would be overcome by beholding such beauty! I recall that you've shared some lovely ranunculus pictures on your blog : ) I think I will order about 100 corms for next year!

Woman of the House said...

Those are gorgeous! I can see why your kids asked for more. I must get some for my own garden.