Monday, May 14, 2012

Wildflowers of Jordan 2013 Wall Calendar

My third wall calendar, Wildlowers of Jordan 2013 , is now available for purchase in Jordan, and as I'll be bring some to the US with me in a couple of weeks, it will soon be available there. Please email if you would like to purchase one: desertmom 88 @ gmail .com (without spaces).

Yes, it is ironic that I, a person who is perpetually running behind, would print and sell a 2013 calendar in May, but there is a good reason why I do this: most of my calendars are purchased by people who give them as gifts when they travel from Jordan to the States of Europe during the summer months.

 JD 5 in Jordan
$8 in the US + $2 shipping
Quantity discounts available

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Jodi said...

Your pictures are refreshing and vibrant! Here's the link: Can't wait to share boards with you. I had been trying to look for you on Pintrest but haven't been able to find you, so this'll be great.