Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Wool Journal

Sewing with felted wool in November and December was all about Christmas gifts and keeping warm. 

I find the process of cutting, washing, drying, stacking, and organizing wool very satisfying. I wash each sweater in a separate pillowcase, to keep fibers from mixing, and so enjoy the anticipation of opening each pillowcase to see just how a particular sweater felted.

Stacks of wool, ready and waiting to be sewn into a wool blanket: Oldest Daughter's Christmas gift.

 I enjoyed choosing the colors for this blanket. My inspiration was the vintage green rocker that Oldest Daughter purchased for her new apartment. This blanket is now on that chair.

This tutorial over at Purl Bee provided the inspiration and instructions for this blanket. I continue to embrace the imprecision of working with felted wool.

Double-layer, machine-quilted coasters using the wool samples from the blanket made great stocking stuffers. I saw these on a Better Homes and Gardens DIY site, but now I can't find it. Other stocking stuffers, which I neglected to photograph: a small silk-lined camera sleeve for Artist Son's new small point-and-shoot, and single layer felted merino wool running mittens for Active Son.

I re-soled Active Son's slippers while he was home, made a pair for Artist Son, and then modified my pattern to make these Mary-Jane style slippers for Tayta.

Active Son and Artist Son returned to Boise and Boston prepared for the cold weather they would face. The hats are made from a lambswool sweater and are lined with a thin cashmere.

And, I managed to make a couple small things for myself: coasters for the family room...

and a microwaveable flax seed-filled heat pack.I used this tutorial, following the directions for the larger heat pack. For added luxury, I made a cashmere cover. This heat pack was so comforting for a cricked neck I suffered from for a few days. After the neck pain was gone and the house temperatures fell, I warmed the heat pack before bed and used it like a hot-water bottle. Once I got into bed, I moved it to the foot of the bed to warm my ever-cold-in-bed feet. It is perfect. Now I am dreaming of making some bed slippers with a layer of flax seed in the soles. I think they need to be made of cashmere.

I forgot to photograph all the potholders that I gave to friends as gifts, but I still have a stack to sew-up so may those will make it into the next wool journal. 


Marisa Lerin said...

Jordan and I are enjoying our wonderful coasters right now! Thanks again.

MagistraCarminum said...

Just beautiful- you are inspiring me to try it!

Molly said...

I love your blanket! The colors are wonderful together. You did a beautiful job of sewing and finishing.

Jodi said...

Wowie! I love that quilt! I like repurposing things. Well done.

Quotidian Life said...

Thanks for the encouragement--I'm having fun and I think know I've found my medium. I've found myself wondering hoping that I always live in a place cold enough to enjoy wool!

Pictoria said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures of your creations. The cashmere cover for your heat pack is genuis! xoxo