Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surgery Scheduled

We've been praying and planning, and this week we confirmed the date for Tayta's revision surgery--June 20th, in Madison, Wisconsin.  Last night I hit the "confirm" button, booking our airline tickets to Chicago. Since Madison just happens to be an only three hour drive from Chicago, we're able to fly to Chicago and stay a few days with our favorite grad student, Oldest Daughter. We're already planning a trip to the Chicago Art Institute and a visit to Chinatown.

This recent picture of Tayta shows how well the tissue transplant is doing--the only problem is that there is too much tissue. But this was the plan from the beginning, and thus, the revision surgery. The surgeon, Dr. John Siebert, will remove the extra tissue, sculpting it (that's the best word I could think of but I don't know if it's the right term to use) to normal proportions. He also plans to build up her lower left lip, where she has experienced tissue loss. We've been told by the mom of another PRS patient that this second surgery is a piece of cake compared to the first surgery, a free-flap tissue transplant. This surgery will take only a couple hours, compared to ten hours for the first surgery. It may be outpatient or Tayta may stay one night in the hospital. We'll remain in Madison for the week for Tayta's post-op appointment.

Meanwhile, Tayta has a number of entertaining episodes to recount of  how well-meaning people in Jordan have reacted to her oversized cheek. Strangers are not shy about asking, "What happened??" I've observed Tayta handle these situations with aplomb, always trying to put the the inquirer at ease. Hmm, that would make a good blog-post when we have some time.


Cindy Marsch said...

Yes! Please share the stories. I think they would especially encourage other young people in similar circumstances. Excited for you!

MagistraCarminum said...

She's a beautiful girl, inside and out. I'm praying for you and for the surgery.

And jealous of your time at the Art institute! I love it! And there is a lovely little cafe just north of there on Michigan Ave right acrosss from Centennial Parkl that is a nice lunch break. Make sure to take time for the miniatures. We left them for last, not expecting to be impressed, but they were amazing!

Leane said...

So glad your next surgery is on the books. I love your smile in every picture I see. You are one great young lady, my dear. :-) Leane Chaffee