Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wadi Dana~Rim Hike

After enjoying a leisurely Arab breakfast, put out by the camp organizers, and our now traditional Wadi Dana Palm  Sunday/Easter passion play with singing and prayer, most of us decided to set on on the Dana rim hike. The hike was not a race, but I soon fell to the back of the pack since I stopped so often to look, smell, and take pictures. At least in the beginning I can still see my other hiking friends as we head up to the top of the rim of  Wadi Dana.

I never tire of the views, every view, in this remarkable place. Wadi Dana's beautifully rugged landscape falls along the face of the Great Rift Valley, and it is the only nature reserve in Jordan which includes all four of the bio-geographical zones found in Jordan. That explains the diversity of flora found here.

Located in the valley is the Feynan district, which is rich with copper and is believed to be  the site of King Solomon's famed copper mines. During the time of the Roman empire, Christians were condemned to work in the copper mines under oppressive conditions, which often led to death. 

I discovered something beautiful around every turn in the path. Sometimes a carpet of wildflowers...

 ...and many times, a fragrant thorny broom bush.

Thorny Broom


Sun Rose

Edit: Tayta scolded me for forgetting to add the family picture. I real had thought to do that but, I forgot. Tatya laments my lack of people pictures. And, I must remember to take the family picture before our last two minutes in the campground, after two full days of hiking and camping!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the posts about your camping trip to Dana. And especially loving the photos of all the beautiful views and wildflowers. Dana is a really special place and one of the very few places in Jordan where you can really escape.

Eva said...

The pictures remind me of parts of Arizona, but with slightly different plants. (Arizona has copper mines too!)