Saturday, May 04, 2013

Flowering Jordan Calendar~May 2013

Wildflower spotting: along the road between Irbid and Um Qais during a particularly lovely Jordan spring.


Anneloes said...

HI- this picture is the June picture on my calender here on the kitchen wall... was it put together the wrong way or what? I just love the poppies but have to wait a month before they'll show up on my calender:-)

Quotidian Life said...

Ha! I was hoping no calendar owners would notice this. I didn't even notice until I posted this picture from my proofs and then saw the calendar hanging on my wall--the pictures didn't match! I checked the back of the calendar to see the order of the pictures and to see if I made the mistake or the printer. It looks like the printer got them out of order. Oh well, you'll have something to look forward to next month!