Friday, September 20, 2013

Succulent Redux

I'm really digging succulents these days. Growing up in  1970's California, I didn't think succulents were anything special. They just were--everywhere. Especially the ubiquitous jade plant. Now they are stirring up memories--like those of my mom's Sunset magazines, with all its pictures of terraced gardens, natural, modern interiors, and "new" western food. My mom planted those gardens, decorated accordingly, and made those recipes.

 And now I'm appreciating the colors, textures, and lines of the succulents too.

A gardening friend let me clip these starts from his large succulent garden early this morning and I arranged them all in a tarnished brass pot that I picked up in Damascus, oh, about 24 years ago. As they grow, I plan to replace the larger plants with smaller starts. Who knows were it will all lead... I haven't had much time for creative endeavors lately, so arranging this living bouquet was very satisfying. 

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