Friday, October 25, 2013

Wadi Dana~Fall Beauty

I love to visit Wadi Dana, our favorite place in Jordan, with people who are beholding its breathtaking beauty for the first time. My parents visited us in Jordan earlier this month, and the one place they asked to see was Wadi Dana as they had heard us tell of it's beauty through the years.

We had not made a fall visit to Dana for many years, preferring the freshness and color of spring after a long,bleak winter. I apologized in advance to my parents for the dry, dusty, brown landscape that awaited us, but I needn't have. Yes, it was dry and dusty, but I had forgotten how the warm light of an autumn sun turns brown and gray to gold and silver. I saw Wadi Dana with new eyes. Or, more likely, I saw it with old eyes.
photo credit Tayta

The thick green foliage of the Squill plant dries up, and then the plant presents its subtle white flowers:

Urginea maritima

Dear Husband commented that the fall-blooming Squill is an apt metaphor for the autumn of life when the flesh withers and the inner beauty of the soul flowers. The metaphor breaks down at some point, but it is a lovely thought and I will remember it whenever I see the Squill flower.

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Susan said...

Thanks for posting those beautiful fall pictures of Dana....miss that place!