Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cashmere Throw #2

Left unattended, my creative interests can tend to complicate my life, so I am trying, trying to simplify. This year I decided that I would narrow my wool purchasing to cashmere for making blankets. Cashmere-hunting at Amman's used clothing market ups the challenge as it is harder to find. My average find on a Friday morning is about six or seven cashmere sweaters of varying quality and color. By December I had enough to entertain the thought of making a cashmere throw for my parents. It would be a little-bit-late Christmas present as I sent it back with Active Son when he returned to school a little over a week ago.

I followed the same procedure that I used for my first cashmere throw. This throw measures 74 by 72 inches and I used eight sweaters to make it--the colors co-ordinate with my parents' living room furnishings.

When I sent it too my mom, I joked with her that she and my dad would have to share it. She wrote back that they had worked out a schedule: she will have it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and my dad, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They will share it as they curl up to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday!

I used some cashmere scraps to make these flax seed bags so that  the kids would have our version of a hot-water bottle to warm their cold sheets at night. These flax seed bags hold six cups of flax seed and take about four minutes to heat in the microwave. I've put the flax seed in cotton liners, which are then covered with the cashmere case.

I'm starting to use my huge stash of "other wool": this week I cut and laid out a lambswool blanket that I am making as a wedding gift for a dear friend's son and his new bride. I think blankets may be my thing for awhile. Simplify.


Diane Wheeler said...

I think your parents are adorable. What a nice schedule they have. And the blanket? Gorgeous. I am going to use some of my felted wool to make those flax seed bags!


jlt said...

I love that blanket. Your felting projects inspire me. One day, when my homeschooling days are drawing to a close, I want to try felting, too.

Woman of the House said...

Gorgeous! You do such incredible work! And I agree with Diane~ your parents are adorable.

I use something similar to your flax seed bags, but mine use rice in an old (hole-less) sock. Yours are much prettier!