Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Pulling Together Some Scraps~Cashmere Baby Blanket

Life is too busy right now for me to begin big projects, so I took on a few smaller endeavors last week. First, I re-organized all my wool, purging some of the pieces that have been hanging around on the fringes and will likely never make it into one of my projects. I am just about at full wool-storage capacity, so I needed to do this. Secondly, I pulled together some cashmere scraps to make my first baby blanket.

I had a lot of fun with this small project and I loved, loved working with cashmere as it is so luxuriously soft. I wish every baby could have a cashmere baby blanket! (37" x 33")

This blanket will go to a Syrian woman whom Tayta has befriended in the course of her work in the Za'taari refugee camp. She is expecting a little boy in about month.

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