Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Birthday

After so many busy days, I was glad to spend my birthday at home. It was Dear Husband's day off, and we enjoyed a relaxed day puttering around the house and garden. Tayta, ever desiring to make the perfect desert for the occasion, took up the challenge of making her first pavlova.

She made a sort of double pavlova, filled with a yogurt custard, cream, and strawberries. We enjoyed its light deliciousness in the afternoon before dinner.

After dessert, we drove into Amman with some friends for dinner and a concert. We enjoyed our favorite Arab food at Faroujna and a favorite visiting Jordanian musician, Karim Said, on the piano.

I give thanks to God for another year of life, for family, friends, love, and grace. And so much more. All His gifts are perfect.

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Kerry said...

Your photos are always so lovely, and those happy smiling faces make me joyful this morning!