Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flowering Jordan Calendar~October 2014

Wildflower spotting: Black Irises, Wadi Shu'ieb, April


Anonymous said...

Dear Melissa,
I hope that your and your family are well! I hope that you are having rain in Jordan! Here in Stockholm winter is on it's way and we are pretty much in our winter clothes. I just wanted to say how much I miss your posts! It is so pleasant and soothing! Thank for your efforts!/ S Susan

Quotidian Life said...

You are so sweet, Susan. Yes, we are well in Jordan--just busy. And how can that be seeing as I have only one child left in Jordan with me! We've had sunny weather in Jordan recently but the clouds are gathering and we're looking forward to a rainy week. I miss blogging too, and hope to get back to it soon and more regularly. Thank you for the encouragement.

Mohammad Alzubide said...

Dear Melissa

I am fan of wild flowers, today I searching for Jordan black iris where I found the nice picture on your blog, so I checked the whole site in a hurry and it was so interesting, this year I was gifted 21 black iris from a friend of mine who have those growing wildly in his back yard a long with some blue lupine, he is constructing (expanding his house) so that is why he lift them and gifted to me, so I will take a lot of care to have them flowering in my farm. thanks for the nice pictures of Jordan.

Mohammad Alzubide