Friday, December 19, 2014

Awladuna Akbaduna--again

I'd call today an Awladuna Akbaduna kind of day. The Arabic proverb that most often comes to mind and most often describes my heart:

اولادنا اکبدنا ماشیین علی الارض

Awladuna akbaduna mashyeen 'ala al'ard.
Our children are our hearts walking around outside of us.
(literally: Our children are our livers walking on the earth.)

Dear Husband, Tayta, and I gathered around the computer monitor, two continents away, to watch Active Son walk in the Boise State University commencement ceremony and receive his Bachelors of Science degree from the school of  Heath Sciences. 

That wave was for us. We cheered loudly!


We were able to spot Active Son in the commencement crowd with the Jordanian flag on his mortar board.

Love that smile. Love this guy so much. We're so proud of you, Active Son!

Also today: I was praying for Oldest Daughter as she had an event in Chicago, and for Artist Son as he traveled to London to begin a holiday tour of Europe with a college friend. That is a lot of mom-emotions and mom-prayers for one day. I wish I could hug them all!

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nana41 said...

Technology is simply amazing! Delighted for you in being able to share in this very special moment!