Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cashmere Chronicles

Somehow, I found time to felt, cut, and sew cashmere during the wedding-summer. Tayta called it cashmere therapy and said it was the reason why I didn't get stressed-out before the wedding. Maybe. If I worked diligently, I could finish a blanket in one week, depending on how much time I had to devote to it.

The first two blankets/throws were completed while we were in the States (the green grass backround is a giveaway). The first one was a gift to Oldest Daughter and Music Man when the returned to Boise in August for a visit. No, I wasn't able to finish it before the wedding!

I made this baby blanket soon after we returned to Jordan in September and sent it with my friend who was traveling to Boise for the birth of her granddaughter.

I finished this blanket/throw last week--another belated wedding present for a June wedding of dear friends. As you can see from the way we are dressed, now is when my friends can use it! (66"x 67")

I will be putting aside the cashmere for a little while so as to get to work on a scrap/recycled fabric quilt for Tayta's college dorm room next fall. 


Woman of the House said...

You do such great work! They all look so wonderful and warm. Have fun with Tayta's quilt. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! College!What is she interested in studying? Will any of your children be in the same state? I dread the day my children will move away from home.../ S Susan