Friday, September 11, 2015

Tayta Goes to College

Where to begin? I haven't blogged much of anything since April or May. Somehow, I managed to blog when I had four children at home, but now that I have (had) one? Maybe I'm just slowing down.

The spring and summer months were filled with graduating Tayta, celebrating 30 years of marriage, wonderful, wonderful times with family and friends in the the US, taking Tayta to college (or, university, as it is an significant distinction in Jordan, college generally denoting a two-year program), and returning to Jordan last week as empty-nesters--and an engagement since then! But I will begin here, with our trip to Houston, showing Tayta's new surroundings and her new life at Houston Baptist University.

Tayta is our first family member to make her home, even if temporarily, in Texas. I think she's going to like it there. The city of Houston isn't beautiful and the weather, not so great, unless you like hot and humid, but the people are wonderful--Texans are very kind people!-- the campus is lovely, and Houston is home to a lot of arts and culture, world-class medical centers, and people of many backrounds.

Tatya is  studying in the Nursing Honors program at HBU; she has been accepted into the nursing program and all her core classes will be fulfilled in Great Books reading/writing/discussion based courses.

                    More campus shots:

HBU's 2015 freshman class

Tayta is being initiated into the concept of school spirit. As a home-schooled student who was raised overseas, this is an unfamiliar and even odd experience for her, but she is trying. The freshman class was given school beanies at the "Beanie Ceremony", and they were supposed to wear their them throughout the first week of school. She kinda did that. We're giving the "Dawgs Up" sign--HBU's mascot is a Husky. I don't think Tayta has the Woof Woof call down yet. 

Dear Husband coaxed Tatya into attending some of HBU's football teams pre-game scrimmage so that he could explain American football and try to infuse a little more team spirit into her. I think she'll like the social aspect, anyway.

HBU has a a really cool Bible museum. Above is the first printed Greek New Testament~1516.

We were thrilled to discover that several illuminations and hand-calligraphied pages from the St. John's Bible were on on display, as just the week before we had watched a fascinating documentary featuring extensive interviews with the lead artist, Donald Jackson of Wales. What a treat to have the exquisite manuscripts right before us!

(notice Hagar's name, bottom center/right, is recorded first in Hebrew, and then in Arabic right below)

Selfie at the Persian restaurant near HBU. We ate there twice as it was a very authentic taste of home. 

Starbucks selfie--we had several strategy and planning meetings at a couple different Starbucks so as to discuss meal plans, class schedules, and what we still needed to buy at Target. Just one more trip...

I lost track of how many visits we made to Target. I do know I visited a total of three different Target stores. Dear Husband was a good sport as Tayta and I discussed (again) final needs and purchases.

Tayta set up and arranged her corner of the room just the way she had envisioned it for months, as she chose and collected just the right items and pictures for her dorm room. She's done a good job of making it her home away from home. I enjoyed taking a tour-of-rooms within her suite. All the young women did such a beautiful job of arranging and decorating their rooms. "Give Thanks"(banner over bed). Indeed!

Tayta sent me this picture after her first anatomy lab. Yes, it is a real head. I thanked her for not sending me a profile shot. She loves this stuff. 


Lauren Lai said...

Her room looks like a magazine!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! How nice to read your blog again! And an engagement! How exciting! It must be a strange feeling being alone, no children at home. I hope your children live close to each other so they can meet often!/S Susan

B said...

Agree your new you all...