Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring is on the Way

It's that wonderfully hopeful in-between-winter-and-spring season in Jordan; it's still cold  and rainy on the winter-like days, and we're still wearing at least two layers of clothing in our 62 degree home, but it's also warm on sunny days, days on which you can see house windows opened wide, mattresses an blankets airing on rooftops, and people pulling up chairs in front of their homes or storefronts to soak up the warmth of the sun. And if one can escape the city, it's the season for watching the hills turn greener and greener by the day, and heading to lower elevations, enjoy the early spring wildflowers. 

Dear Husband and I began our almost-springtime pilgrimages to the countryside about a week ago, wandering around on backroads until we found this lovely view overlooking King Talal Dam, just outside of the village of Borma. It was one of those cold, sunny days, so there weren't any picnickers around. We pretty much had the area to ourselves.

We spotted some of the early blooming wildflowers:


The ubiquitous Asphodel lily, which is now blooming around the country

And, I was happy to discover this new-to-me species of crocus making beautiful close-to-the-ground mini-bouquets. 


We had few hours this past Saturday afternoon, so we again headed for lower elevation, this time towards the Jordan valley and found the almond trees  just beginning to bloom.


A particularly lovely mound of asphodels

The rockery was aflame with beautiful sedum.

Red Stonecrop
Sedum rubens I.

Senecio vernalis (yellow)
Silene aegyptiaca (purple)
Together, they make a beautiful spring bouquet.

Selfie in the wildflower

Grasses catching some afternoon sunrays


The souvenir rock Dear Husband found for our sun room collection of Jordan rocks

My favorite exploring partner

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