Sunday, January 28, 2007

Art Class: Watercolors 101

We 've had few opportunites for the kids to participate in art classes through the years so I'm particularly thankful for a new artist friend who offered to teach a beginning watercolor class to interested teens. Both sons agreed to join in (I expected the eagerness of one son but was pleasantly surprised by the interest of the other).

Though I'm not participating in the class, by observation I'm learning things as well: As children mature they can relate to their work in a more mature way. When they were young I exclaimed with delight over their simplest artistic efforts. Now, the kids are able to assess their work more objectively and they don't want praise just for the sake of praise. They like some of their work but can honestly say where they feel they can improve, and this without prompting. They are comparing their work to others for the sake of improving their own. They are making judgements about good technique and technique that needs improvement.

I'm taking note, as well, that art takes time. Uninterrupted time. And we usually don't have a lot of that around here. Younger Son is an artist in that he actively pursues working on his art through the days and he intuitively understands the necessity of time in relationship to creating. In fact, he has asked me not to fill his daily schedule with too many activities for this very reason. I don't think that Active Son will continue to pursue art right now, though he is doing well, unless I carve out some time for it once the painting classes end.

A couple of the boys' initial projects

A First Landscape

A First Animal --a bit more challenging that the usual pencil drawings!

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Kathleen Hamilton said...

Wow, those are great! I especially like the landscape. This from someone who is pretty bad even at stick-figures :-).