Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For a Knitting Neighbor~

"Mrs. C. is so nice!" exclaimed Younger Daughter as she burst through the kitchen door. Younger Daughter was returning from our dear friend and neighbor's house where Mrs. C. had helped Younger Daughter transform her knitted rectangle into a purse. Added Y.D., "She even gave me some perfect fabric of her own for the lining and she helped me to sew it together! " (picture ear to ear smile on Y.D. as she tells me this).

Y.D. had been wanting to learn how to knit for some time and since this is one of the handicrafts that I have never mastered, I was very thankful when my dear friend offered to teach her; she is one of those special people who patiently teaches others what she herself enjoys. Y.D. loves to pack up her backpack with knitting projects and head down the street to Mrs. C's to receive loving instruction and enjoy some delightful conversation.

Though she only began knitting this fall, Y.D. has already completed five projects under Mrs. C's tutelage. Older Daughter and I were grateful recipients of lovingly hand knit scarves this past Christmas. Y.D. models her handiwork in the picture to the left: the black scarf is mine, the pink is hers and the black and white one is O.D.'s. Y.D. received several skeins of yarn for her recent birthday and she even has a dreamed of yarn drawer (imagine, a whole drawer, just for yarn!), just like Mrs. C. If Y.D. continues to knit at the rate she has been, we can look forward to a full size afghan by next winter!

Thanks, Mrs. C. You're the best!


JavaArm said...

Love the knitting that Kristen has done...what a great job and craft to have learned. Can't say that we need knitted stuff here-too hot-but she has sure created some beautiful items. :)

kinzi said...

she is so cute! I can picture her face as she speaks!