Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dead to Red, a few pictures

Still stiff and sleep deprived from running 25 K (25X 1K) through the desert in the middle of the night, my husband remarked with a deep sense of contentment, "The Dead to Red race weekend is just about my favorite weekend of the year." Though some women participate in the race, I would never consider joining in, and not because of the grueling physical exertion it would demand of me. Really.

No, the Dead to Red is more than just an annual crazy relay race through the desert. It is serious, and I mean serious, male bonding time. No way I'd want to interrupt that.
Active Son at the race start

Younger son preparing for his turn to run

Dr. T hands off to Younger Son

007 hands off to Dear Husband

Another great Dashing Dude hand-off

After-the-race banquet

Some of the Dudes celebrating

As for what the females where doing while the males were bonding, I mean running: let's just say that it took place indoors, and that it involved friends, good food, cheesecake, a movie, and sleeping in too late.

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kinzi said...

Well said and well-photoed!

There'd be no way I exchange girl/ cheescake and a movie for running!