Sunday, February 11, 2007

"If you turn a jar on its mouth,

goes an old Arabic proverb, "out comes a daughter like her mother." Trust me, it sounds much more poetic in Arabic.

In a general sense, this saying is often true, thus the proverb. And because of it's truth, I have not always fully appreciated the uniqueness of my dear daughter. I recently realized that, at times, I viewed her as simply a new and improved, more accomplished version of myself.

Oh yes, my daughter and I have much in common, which must account for the many times she hears, "You _____ just like your mother!" I am truly thankful for the commonalities, some so subtle as to be indiscernable by us, which bind us together. However, I am also learning to notice and enjoy all my daughter'sparticular and distinctive qualities, celebrating the young woman God has created her to be.

And now that my oldest child is celebrating her seventeenth birthday, I find that our relationship is taking on new dimensions, my daughter becoming more and more a friend, a confidante, and a sister in Christ.

Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter. Your life is a rich blessing to me and I look forward to all we will share together in the coming year!


kinzi said...

SNIF!!! Tears, sweet, sweet, sweet! I loved this!! OD, you are precious and dearly loved, Desertmom, you've done well in training and equipping this treasure!

JavaArm said...

Loved this is so true that as our daughters get older they become so much more than just a daughter but a friend and confidante. It truly is beautiful and wonderful to have a daughter. Happy Birthday OD. :) albeit...a little late.