Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yes Virgina, there is love in marriage after 20 years~

Today my oldest daughter caught me thinking out-loud as to whether or not Dear Husband and I would go out for dinner together on Valentine's Day. The reality is that tomorrow is a busy day which means we'll be tired by the end of it, all the resturaunts in town will be packed and smoky to boot, so actually, I would much rather relax at home with our family. Romantic daughter sighed, "Is this what becomes of you after you've been married for 20 years?"

The short answer: yes. I will let John Piper give the long answer as he does so beautifully in the article, "Is Pastor John in love with his wife? You decide.

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Rick Dugan said...


Congradulations on 20 years. I told Greg that I had been communicating with you and Wendy via blogs, and he surprised me be asking if J had an email address so that he could write.

Anyway, if he has one, would you mind sending it to me?