Saturday, March 03, 2007

Seaside Getaway

For those of you who felt sorry for me after reading this I hope the following love update will put you at ease. Dear Husband, who grows dearer by the day, whisked me off for a day and a night to the Dead Sea, which is just 40 minutes from home. Oh, those 24 hours passed too quickly! Though it is still sweater/jacket weather up in the city, the Dead Sea exists in a completely different biosphere; the weather was perfect and warm enough for a float in the sea. Sunsets over the sea are always beautiful and though I'm not a great photographer, I believe this photo begins to capture the serenity we experienced.

Instead of waking to the sound of school buses and construction equipment we woke to the sound of singing birds--lovely!

Our final hours were spent back on the beach, where we once again enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the soothing and healing water of the Dead Sea, and a full body Dead Sea mud masque--this is the real fun of a trip down to the beach. Sort of brings back memories of early childhood. And the results are instantly noticable--soft, soft, skin.

A room with a view

And just to show that my grip on vanity is loosening, I'll go ahead and post a picture of us covered with mud--though I will make this photo a little smaller than the rest and I did crop out our bodies. I don't want to shock anyone--especially any early morning readers!


kinzi said...

LOVE IT!!! What a fun, peaceful time! Ok, next time I promise I will do the mudbath thing too. May God bless you and the QL Dear Husband with grace and goodness this week!

Circle of Quiet said...

Love the picture of the sunset! Love your sweet smiles peeking out from the mud (-:

Glad you got a chance to get away.