Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eagle Scout

Although Active Sons successfully passed his Eagle Board of review in January, it wasn't until his April 29th Eagle Scout Court of Honor that he was awarded the Eagle Scout rank. Active Son shared his Court of Honor with a fellow Eagle Scout--good thing, too, as planning the COH was almost like planning a wedding (invitations, programs, venue, speakers,photographer, gifts, cake, etc.) and I was able to share planning responsibilities with another mom.

In a time in which we don't often celebrate rites of passage for a young man, it was a joy to to see Active son affirmed by other men and leaders in his community for the steps he is taking towards preparing himself to be a leader and servant in his community.

Active Son receives his Eagle Scout neckerchief

All the Eagle Scouts present at the Court of Honor, saying the pledge

Delivering his speech to award his mentor pin to the person who had most helped in along the path to Eagle, Active Son quoted former slave and educator Booker T. Washington, whose biography he had recently read:

"The older I grow, the more I am convinced that there is no education which one can get from books and costly apparatus that is equal to that which can be gotten from contact with great men and women."

Active Son acknowledged not only his mentor, but others who have had a significant influence in his life.

For my part in the ceremony, I had only to receive my 'mom pin' and stand next to Dear Husband as he read a tribute which he had prepared for the occasion:

Active Son. Congratulations on the achievement of Eagle Rank. When you joined Cub Scouts years ago we did not know all that would be involved to complete this high rank. If I had known, to be honest, I would not have believed that you could do it for it has proved to be a journey fit for a man. Looking at a boy, I was indeed short-sighted. How did it happen?

Scouting has contributed to the development of your abilities. You have always tended to be active and athletic. Scouting has given you a place to learn and develop in recreational activities as well as knowledge of the outdoors and many areas of interest. As an athlete, scouting has instilled a confidence in you to lead others. Your budding coaching career is the fruit of this.

Scouting has contributed to the development of your character. You have always enjoyed and appreciated people. When you wanted to join Scouts it was initially to be with your friends. Through Scouting, you have grown to be more loyal in your friendships as well as feel the importance of kindness, courteousness and cheerfulness. You have seen that it is not only to your parents that you need to submit, but to other leaders as well. Older scouts have set a good example for you which you then have followed.

Scouting has contributed to the development of your soul. You have always feared God and been responsive to spiritual things. You like to go to church, youth group and Bible Studies as well as serve others. Scouting has highlighted the importance of reverence for God. With this support, you have grown in your understanding of the Scriptures, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the goodness of life with Him.

These are ways your mother and I have seen you grow from a boy to a man through your Scouting experience. You have done an excellent job at completing the Eagle Scout Rank. May this be the first of many achievements you attain in the development of your abilities, your character and your soul. We are very proud of you our son, Active Son.

Four Eagle Scouts of Troop 806

Next year Active son will have the unique opportunity to share the position of Junior Scoutmaster with a fellow Eagle Scout; the current Scoutmaster will oversee the Junior Scoutmasters as they lead the troop. Congratuations, Eagle Scouts and congratuations to Boy Scout Troop 806, which has advanced seven Eagle Scouts since it was chartered six years ago.

(Thanks to Ashley for the pictures!)


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