Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Artist Son

Artist Son turned 14 last week, and because his birthday falls during our family's high season for activity, he is the only one who didn't receive a birthday tribute on my blog last year. As it is, we've only half celebrated his birthday, with the rest of the celebration on hold until life slows down a bit at the end of the month.

This has unofficially been the year of Artist Son's 'coming out'. Ever the quiet, philosophical, focused child, we, his family, have long delighted in his thoughtful, contemplative nature. Among us, he has long held the reputation as the one who uses the fewest words to say Really Wise Things. And now that he is maturing and and stepping out into the community others are beginning to notice what we've known all along.

Last year he was content to stay at home, but this year he decided he would like to get involved in a couple of small group bible studies. I've received comments from surprised adults who had never really heard Artist Son say much before, that he is the initiator of thoughtful, meaningful comments and interaction. I've observed him become a valued member of the youth group and music team, and he has splashed onto the (very) local art scene by receiving his first commission. He works diligently at his studies and organizes himself so that he has plenty of hours to devote to his art; drawing and painting are slow and careful work. We are so thankful for the aesthetic beauty which Artist Son brings into our lives.

Happy Birthday, Artist Son! You have long been a blessing to our family and it is with joy that we watch God make you a blessing in the lives of others.

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