Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Field Guide to Jordan

Most unusually, I found myself home alone one evening last week, with nothing that had to be urgently accomplished within the next few hours, so I headed off to a local bookstore for some book browsing--something I hadn't allowed myself the luxury of for months. As I arrived at the check-out counter, I noticed the book below; it took me about 10 seconds to decide to add it to my stack of purchases.

Field Guide to Jordan

This newly published field guide to Jordan is all around brilliant and is just the kind of book I wish had been available ten years ago. Kudos to author and photographer Jarir Maani and to the extended Maani family, an obviously talented and artistic clan judging from the photo and illustration credits (Annes Maani, Sari Maani, Sinan Maani, Habeeb Maani, etc., etc.)

The guide is divided into five color coded sections: Geology, Archeology (by period), Environment, Flora, and Fauna and is packed full of beautiful, high quality photographs. Considering that the only other guide to birds in Jordan cost about JD 30 ($44), I was very glad to find this broader guide for a mere JD 15. The guide has already been thumbed through by various members of the family, has helped us identify a bird we saw in Wadi Dana in March, and has been taken to bed for night-time reading by 13yo nature-loving son. Highly recommended.

--Edit-- Wow! The Field Guide to Jordan just got better. The producers have created a great website for the guide. Go here for the press release and here for some great images found in the guide.


Dina Maani said...

Thanks for your sincere review, great to know your family enjoyed it. Please check the guide's website and community forum. Your contribution to the forum would be highly appreciated.


Julian Noursi said...

this book is a piece of ART :)

all the best

Tina said...

i must say DESERT MOM has become really famous amongst us!! i think you're the maani's no. 1 fan ; ).. we're all extremely proud of this fantastic book. Thank you for the great support, and say hi to your kid ; )