Friday, May 02, 2008

To Obie or not to Obie

That was the question. And last week, Oldest Daughter answered it in the affirmative, deciding to accept Oberlin Conservatory's offer of admission. Much relief and rejoicing has come with the making of this decision and we continue to thank God for all the ways he has provided and continues to provide for Oldest Daughter and our entire family.

Oldest Daughter received offers of admission from three of the four schools at which she auditioned and from those three she narrowed the decision to Eastman School of Music and Oberlin Conservatory. Originally, Eastman was her first pick school, though during the last couple of weeks of the decision process Oberlin rose in her estimation and the full tuition financial package they offered clinched the deal.

And, since the decision has been made we all find ourselves excited about the opportunities God continues to graciously provide for Oldest Daughter. Via facebook she has already met other 'Con' freshman, some of whom share her faith in God and one young woman in particular, a fellow Con student, who is looking forward to being her roomate. Additionally, Oldest Daughter has received a scholarship to attend a faith based chamber music program at Oberlin this summer so she will have the chance to spend some time on campus, get to know some of the faculty and meet a few other Christian Con students before school begins in September.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for and encouraged us throughout this wild ride!


MagistraCarminae said...

Rejoicing with you all!

Anonymous said...

We've got to get our daughters together! My Allie will be a third year violin performance major at Oberlin next year. She is in your blog photo -- Oberlin at Carnegie -- well, you can't actually see her, but she was waaaaay in the back of the violins! Awesome concert. Awesome opportunity for the students. Our extended family went to NYC, and it was great fun! So happy to hear of another Christian attending Oberlin, as they are definitely not the majority, and Allie is always on the lookout for Christian friends who get where she's coming from. BTW, I assume the camp you mentioned is Credo? We are big Credo supporters, but this is the first year since 2002 that neither of my girls can attend. We live just an hour away, however, and they have already talked to other Credo kids about visiting. The last couple of years I have been part of the parents network and am planning to be part of move-in day this year as well. We are likely to cross paths this summer!

Kathleen Hamilton said...

Such wonderful news, Melissa. Like Chris, we are rejoicing with you!

desert mom said...

Dear anonymous,

I'm not sure how you found my blog, but I'm glad you did! I would love to get my daughter connected with your daughter. Is she on facebook? You can email me at:
desertmom88 @ gmail . com (leave out the spaces. Oh, and yes, I was refering to Credo. We were fortunate to meet Peter Slowick while at Oberlin and he had my daughter audition for him directly after her conservatory audition. I was very encouraged by our discussion with him.

Chis and Kathleen, it means a lot to have others share in our joy~ and you can see by the comment made here how God continues to provide and encourage!

Jenny said...

So I did hear a sigh of relief from across the ocean ;) Rejoicing with you.


Val said...

Sounds wonderful! We'll look forward to hearing all the plans & details. Congratulations!