Friday, January 27, 2012

Felted Wool in the Kitchen

Necessity is the mother of invention, and if you saw my sorry looking potholders, you would know what inspired me to create these potholders from felted wool. My old potholders, brought from the U.S. as the offerings in the Jordanian market are pitifully (and dangerously) thin, were raggedy, stained, and scorched. A few weeks ago I found a very large, thick, oatmeal-colored sweater that just seemed to say, "make potholders from me."

I was able to cut thirteen 8 inch squares from the one sweater. I then cut 8 inch squares from coordinating medium/thick felted wool. I attached them first by straight stitching diagonal lines from corner to corner. I used masking tape as a guide for the first couple of potholders and then took off freestyle. I then zig-zagged the edges together, using a longer stitch so the edges didn't curl too much. (I pressed them flat when finished as I'm sort of particular about things like that, but you wouldn't have to.)

Here's the backside of the potholders. I choose not to put loops on them as I don't hang my potholders, but it would be easy to add those.

The wool potholders added a touch of coziness to my winter kitchen. Then, the wooden kitchen table looked bare, especially since I had recently removed the Christmas table runner. "Why not make a table runner from felted wool scraps?" I thought.

I made this by butting the edges of various sized strips together and zig-zagging them.

This is a good place to mention that having a rotary cutter and cutting board is very helpful for felted wool projects. I was pretty pleased with the results of this modest project as it was the first project I actually designed myself, rather than modifying of copying someone else's idea. I'm just not that original.

Here's a picture of a corner of my kitchen so that you can see how the runner coordinates with the valances.

One of the very practical reasons for my increased ability to create is a wonderful little enclosed porch just off the kitchen of our new home. Before we ever moved in, I had claimed tt for a creative space:

I am able to keep all my creative projects and supplies in one place and I can keep my sewing machine out at the ready all the time. Artist son is sharing the creative space this year as he works on his AP design portfolio. He likes to work near the hub of home life, which is our kitchen.

It is so nice to have all my "stuff" in one place--I know Dear Husband appreciates it too. If you've read along for awhile you may remember my "flower beds" in my old home: plant starts stored on the bunk beds in our former guest bedroom.


Woman of the House said...

Wonderful! I love the potholders and especially the table runner! You did a beautiful job! Your workspace looks inviting. So glad you have it now!

Resweater said...

I absolutely love the table runner! I love things that are both beautiful & practical.

Dena and Adrianna said...

Beautiful, useful projects....AND....the neatest, most organized craft studio I have ever seen! :)